"Seats in All Parts" by Leslie Halliwell

Cover of the book "Seats in All Parts" by Leslie Halliwell
Charles Scribner's Sons, New York 1985

Page 28 - A trip with my mother to the town centre shops or the U.C.P. Café (UCP = United Cattle Products, i.e. tripe and brawn) always involved long sessions of standing in doorways or on corners, chatting to garrolous friends of both sexes.

Page 38 - Closed, but with windows of moderate interest, were a U.C.P. tripe shop, a shoemaker (in whose cellar my Uncle Jesse worked), an emporium of musical instruments, a gown shop which seldom had more than two garments in the window, and Toyland, which appeared to subsist on the sale of Hornby trains and Meccano sets.

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