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My mother used to take me into the UCP (United Cattle Products) Cafeteria for tripe and chips if we weren't going to have a pudding basin of chips & beans (haricot no sauce) for tea. If it was tatty 'ash weather, she would make parkin when we got home (although you had to wait weeks for it to "mature").
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In my younger days I lived in the shadow and smell of the UCP (United Cattle Products) Tripe Works - Arnold and Hough in Ashton-under-Lyne. [...] While still working for the UCP, George went to work at the Manchester Abattoirs and also the UCP Works in Blackpool for a while. As the work came to an end at Ashton in 1957 Ronnie went on to the Management side at Entwistle’s Tripe Works that could then have become Dixon's Pork and Bacon Company. It is now the sight of one of the largest abattoirs in Europe. At some point, George went to work for a Tripe Works in Hyde. In 1962 "The Ashton-under-Lyne Reporter" was present to observe the final act of demolition - the felling of the 70ft chimney at Arnold's Tripe Works.
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My dad had really bad ulcers when he came back from the war, and tripe was one of the things he was told to eat, so I had to walk down Slade Lane, up Albert Road, to Stockport Road where the U.C.P. shop was (and Draycotts, my barber) and buy tripe. I ate it many times but never liked it, and the smell would linger in the house for days after me mum cooked it. Like eating white octopus.
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