As nutritious as read meat

U.C.P. advertisement, 1932.

Other one-liners:

"Beef, Mutton, Pork. U.C.P. Recipes break the monotony of the Ox, the Sheep, the Pig"

"The Pig, the Sheep, the Ox! U.C.P. Recipes breaks the monotony of - Beef, Mutton, Pork"

"Beef, Mutton, Pork! Give them a change! Break the monotony of the Pig, the Sheep, the Ox"

"Monotony? Forget the Ox, the Sheep and the Pig - try Dainty U.C.P. Recipes"

"As a change from Beef, Mutton, Pork - try one of the 99 U.C.P. Recipes"

"Abandon the dietary of Noah's Ark. Adopt U.C.P. delicious dishes"

"Tasty Meals do not depend on Beef, Mutton, Pork - U.C.P. Meals are Tasty"

"Invalids cannot enjoy the Ox, the Sheep, the Pig. Medical men recommend U.C.P. products"

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