The 99 Recipe Book reprint

"The 99 Recipe Book", reprint by Indro Neri, series "I Quaderni di" n. 5, ISBN-10: 0-9842169-4-4, ISBN-13: 978-0-9842169-4-9, Aerostato, Seattle 2013, 24 pages, price 8 GBP.

Originally published in Manchester by United Cattle Products Ltd., the booklet "The 99 Recipe Book - Ninety Nine homely & delicious ways of preparing and serving U.C.P. Tripe & Cowheels" goes back into print, thanks to tripe expert and author Indro Neri. Neri includes a reprint of an original 1932 U.C.P. recipe book in his "I Quaderni di" series, coproduced with "The 99 Recipe Book" was distributed among the most assiduous customers, and features 99 recipes to cook and savor tripe and cowheel, popular items that were once available at the British chain of the United Cattle Products tripe shops and restaurants. Though those stores, more than 150 of them, are long gone and disappeared for more than half a century, they are still strongly cherished in the memories of those who were lucky enough to shop there. As the introduction reads, "To all housewives upon whose ingenuity in the kitchen so much of home happiness depends, this little book of recipes is dedicated". We would now also like to add to those that want to enrich their personal library with a faithful reproduction of a memorabilia item of British gastronomical culture, and own a piece of U.C.P. history.

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Table of content
A famous food; Tripe and tomato soup; Cowheel and lentil soup; Mock turtle soup; Honeycomb soup; Cowheel hotchpotch; Spanish soup; Tripe and celery; Tripe ą la mode de Caen; Tripe a la napolitaine; Tripe with dumplings; Stewed tripe with mashed potatoes; Tripe stewed with tomatoes; Stewed tripe with onions; Braized tripe; Stewed rabbit and cowheel; Stewed tripe de luxe; Tripe en casserole; Lancashire and Yorkshire; Tripe olives; Tripe e cowheel stew; Cowheel fricassee; Jugged beef and cowheel; Cowheel with parsley sauce; Cowheel with piquant sauce; Aspic or Savoury jelly; Mincemeat; Tripe and tomato pie; Tripe and beef steak pudding; Cowheel and sheep's head pie; Tripe and potato pie; The U.C.P. pie; Cowheel and potato pie; Cowheel pie with suet crust; Small picnic pies; Tripe pasties; Delicious luncheon pie; Beef and cowheel pasty; Cowheel and rabbit pie; Tripe hot pot; Tripe loaf; Cowheel and tripe brawn; Cowheel mould; Potted beef and cowheel; Cowheel and rabbit mould; Potted tripe; Galantine of tripe; Tripe with beetroot and potato salad; Pickled tripe; Tripe salad; A Summer Day's feast; Fried tripe; Tripe fritters; Bubble and squeak; A good breakfast dish; Fried cowheel; Tripe and ham cutlets; Fried liver and tripe; Grilled tripe with potato chips; Mock sweetbreads; Tripe cutlets with baked beans; Tripe rissoles; Tripe sausages; Tripe, quickly prepared; Tripe for breakfast; A tasty tripe dish; Baked tripe; Baked tripe (another way); Stuffed vegetable marrow; Gāteau of tripe; A tasty supper dish; Tripe, stuffed and roasted or Mock duck; Mock goose; Tripe with fresh herrings; Tripe and liver roll; Tripe steak; Tripe and chestnut roll; Tripe, stuffed and steamed; Curried tripe; Tripe ā l'Indienne; Kedgeree of tripe; Tripe and egg scramble; Tripe rarebit; Tripe omelet; Tripe toast; Cowheel curry; Savoury tripe; Savoury tripe and potatoes; Tripe and macaroni; Scalloped cauliflower and tripe; Mock crab; Tripe with poached eggs; Tripe soup for an invalid; Tripe with white sauce; Milk jelly with cowheel; Nourishing tripe; Lemon jelly from cowheel; Calves' feet and beef jelly; Steamed tripe; The reason for the U.C.P. oval red sign.

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