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This picture was taken just over 50 years ago from, as it says on the back of the photo, the "old Norweb offices at Centenary Way End". As you can see, Centenary Way itself is still under construction though work is well advanced. [...] Apart from the construction work there are a few things which interest me in the picture. The most significant can be seen at the top left and, if you look carefully, you will be able to see the Finsley Gate (or rather Exmouth Street) premises of UCP: United Cattle Products, the famous tripe dressers. UCP had factories, shops and restaurants all over Lancashire. In Burnley the long-established firm of tripe dressers, Ralph Mason Ltd, were part of UCP and it is their building you can see in the photo. To the right of the white painted UCP factory there is a low spinning mill but in front of the two buildings, and in Finsley Gate, there used to be a long, row of very small back-to-back houses. They had at least two passages cut through the ground floor to give easy access to Exmouth Street, on which the UCP factory stood.
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