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My mom was a waitress/server at the Voses UCP on Bradshawgate restaurant in Bolton and there she met my dad. They dated and got married and I believe they had their wedding meal at the restaurant January 2nd, 1936. They were married on Mawdsley Street, just 150 yards walk from Voses UCP on Bradshawgate. As a child my dad would take me and my brother and sister there for lunch quite often. Generally on Saturdays. Mom would actually serve us. It was great. He used to leave mom a larger than customary tip each time, because he knew she would give it back when she got home. They used to crack themselves up all the time. What great UCP memories. One time he left her a 10 shilling note. And she was laughing before she even put it in her pocket. I never really liked tripe or cowheels as I was a finicky eater. But my sister and brother would share our dad's, sitting by the window and overlooking the street and Lido Cinema traffic. Mom always kissed the four of us goodbye and end with, "I will see you when I get home". I am the last of the five Mohicans, but I am sure mom, dad, brother John and sister Janet, if they could, would gladly have more UCP Tripe and Cowheels.
• Source: Michael Wilson

In this picture taken on their wedding day (January 2, 1936) Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Kathleen Smith. Jack was 30 and Kathleen (née McNamara) 19 years old. Jack was born in Wigan, Lancashire in 1905 and Kathleen in Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare, Eire in 1916. After they tied the knot, the wedding meal was held at Voses UCP on Bradshawgate, Bolton, where Kathleen was a server. In attendance, granddad and grandmom Smith, with Jack's brother Christopher, and his sisters Mary Heap and Betty Lawson, along with Kathleen's sisters Margaret Sheehy, May Donahue, and Annie Berry who also worked at the same restaurant as a server.

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