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A variety of local groups have taken part in a community arts project, organised by Tameside Council and Hyde Town Team, to create an eye-catching piece of artwork to mark the way in to the indoor market hall from Clarendon Square Shopping Centre. The 3D sculpture spells out "Hyde Indoor Market" in a collage of different materials that can be bought on the market stalls from buttons and keys to comics and even old U.C.P. photos and illustrations (courtesy of It has been unveiled at a special celebration event that took place on Saturday April 6, 2013. It is hoped the vibrant display will help make the indoor market entrance more visible and attract more visitors. Groups involved in the project include Hyde Community Action, Hyde Asian Women's Group and young people from Hyde Youth and Community Centre. Shoppers and traders have also contributed to the artwork through a series of drop-in sessions. Hyde Ward member Philip Fitzpatrick, who has helped to organise the project, said: "This is a stunning piece of artwork which gives Hyde Indoor Market the entrance it deserves. The market hall offers seventy stalls selling a wide range of quality and good value products and I couldn't think of a more fitting and appealing way to draw attention to everything is has to offer. It is even more pleasing to see how enthusiastically the community, shoppers and traders have got involved in the project, reflecting the sense of pride and ownership they feel in this valuable amenity." Malcolm Angus, Clarendon Square manager, said: "We are really looking forward to the unveiling of this community inspired piece of artwork. We are very proud to host it. As a family friendly shopping centre which welcomes more than four million shoppers each year, we are an ideal location to host this fantastic sculpture which is the result of a lot of creative thought and hard work. I feel sure it will bring a smile to people's faces as they come to do their shopping both at Clarendon Square and the indoor market."

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